PWGSC Rideau Comittee Rooms

This high profile PWGSC project retrofitted the former Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography building, located between Chateau Laurier and Rideau Canal, for four HoC Parliamentary Committee Rooms. Committee Rooms are two levels below the street level entry. Each committee room has three configurations: committee, auditorium, and banquet. For various functions, these rooms have an array of AV equipment (video broadcasting) and event lighting, carefully integrated into the design. Support spaces include: AV rooms, interpretation booths, storage, and food preparation facilities. Project designed to Green Globes (Four Globes).

/files/images/th_4350_interior_1.jpg /files/images/th_4350_interior_4.jpg /files/images/th_4350_interior_2.jpg /files/images/th_4350_interior_3.jpg /files/images/th_4350_interior_5.jpg /files/images/th_4350_interior_6.jpg