Saint John Police Headquarters

The new $ 20M Saint John Police Headquarters is part of a larger, urban development that also incorporates a new Justice Building and community plaza. The building is approximately 70,000 sf on two floors with secure below-grade parking. The secure detention facility, shared with Justice, is also below grade. Upper floors house administration offices, various division areas, specialized labs, training and meeting rooms, lunch room, fitness center, locker and shower facilities. A large multi-purpose room on the ground floor is for police, as well as, community use.
/files/images/th_4222_SJPolice_Final_Entrance.jpg /files/images/th_Revised_work_for_Police_rendering___1112_part1.jpg /files/images/th_Revised_work_for_Police_rendering___1112_part2.jpg /files/images/th_4122_hand_drawing_1(1).jpg /files/images/th_4122_exterior_2(1).jpg