Air Canada 747 Hangar Expansion

The existing aircraft maintenance facility, originally designed by our firm in the 1960’s, was to be transformed from the current campus style facility to more hangar-focused operations to reduce airplane turn-around time. Three new workshop facilities were constructed within or adjacent to an existing 747 hangar. Within the hangar itself, two new two storey buildings were constructed. These interior buildings were unique in that although they were constructed within the hangar, they were designed as exterior buildings to resist wind loads, when the doors opened, and to isolate them for life safety.
/files/images/th_2797_exterior_7.jpg /files/images/th_2797_exterior_1.jpg /files/images/th_2797_interior_3.jpg /files/images/th_2797_interior_2.jpg /files/images/th_2797_interior_5.jpg /files/images/th_2797_interior_4.jpg